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keratin hair treatment by Meghan

i have had the treatment done 3 times so far, and each time, its amazing! i have very frizzy,and very curly hair, and was straightening my hair every other day. my mom told me about the treatment (it was new to a salon she went to) , and i tried it. i love my curls, but hate the frizz. after the treatment, if i dry my hair completely, i have straight, frizzless, volumed hair, and when i let it hair dry, i get frizzless, volumned perfect curls. after living all my life (18 yrs) frizzy uncontrolable hair, it was such a relief to find a cure to it. now i have the choice whether i want curls or straight hair, without having to take the harmful results of a flat iron..and best of all, it lasts 3 to 4 months!

Japanese straightening by Vicky, NY

I just had this done today, and it came out great: pin-straight hair. It took 3 hours but worth it. Thanks everyone for the hard work!

Best hair! by Ilene, NY

I tried out this place last year to do my Japanese hair straightening and I was blown away. I been doing the hair treatment for years but this place hands down does it the best. I returned the following year and again I was completely satisfied. I would highly recommend this spot!!!

Heidi is amazing by Angelica, NY

This salon is proof that the best things aren't necessarily the most expensive. Their services are so affordable!

One of Hair Pro Charming's stylists, Heidi, took care of my Japanese Hair Straightening last week. They were so busy, so it was a bit of a wait, but the results were AMAZING. My hair used to be very long and frizzy. Its so silky and extremely shiny now, heads turn when I walk by! My hair is pin straight but not flat. It's so smooth and light, I have to keep from constantly touching it.

Heidi is so nice and she really knew what she was doing - I've never been so happy about a salon service, ever! I love my hair and I love that I now have a go-to person for all my hair needs. My only regret is that I didn't get the straightening done sooner! I am in love with my hair now and I am actually looking forward to the summer. Goodbye frizz!

Thanks a lot!

Japanese Straightening by Fernanda, NY

I was so afraid to go to a new place without a recommendation, but I'm so glad I did! I had been paying a few hundred dollars for this process in Manhattan, but I just could not afford it anymore. You can't beat the price here, and Heidi was a pro. Very sweet lady, thanks!

Really Happy... by Christina Lopez, NY

I went there this Saturday....and they were amazing everyone was really nice and helpful. The prices are amazing and so was my hair when they were done with it.

Awesome Haircut & Styling by Jennie, NY

I've been a regular customer at Hair Pro for a few years now and have never been disappointed with the outstanding service provided. There's barely any waiting involved and everyone in here is sweet and helpful. I'd recommend this place to anyone who needs a cut, style, or the works! Thanks to Hair Pro for the great work.

Completely Satisfied! by Yohaina, NY

Let me start by saying, I walked in and was greated by the staff, they sat me down and started working on me immediately, no wait! I had the Japanese Straightening done about a year and a half ago at a place down the block from hair pro (who's name I will not mention) and it just wasn't done right. Hair Pro is by far the best place I've been too. I have lots of highlights and was worried about breakage. They treated my hair with a special conditioner for highlights and my hair came out absolutely beautiful! I'm taking my sister in this saturday for her Japanese.

Fabulous by GlamMom, NY

I've been coming here since grand opening and so glad I was reffered to this place. I've tried several places in woodside which didnt care about my hair but rather my money instead. At other places I was just a number on a ticket. Hair Pro takes thier time and accomadates my 3 year old daughter while I get a cut or a style. This place is relaxing, clean and very child friendly. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants great service at affordable prices.

Great Haircut! by Cindy Ines, NY

I've only been to Hair Pro Charming once and it's the first time I've been satisfield with my haircut. I normally hate it, which is why I always try different salons. My hair has finally found it's home. The staff is wonderful, especially the girl that washes the hair. I recommend this place to eveyone!

Best wishes for great hair!

Keeps on getting better. by Jessica Diaz, Woodside NY

I've been a client of Hair Pro Charming since 2002, way before they moved to the newly renovated location and this is still where I come to do my hair because first of all they truly take good care of every client...especially the faithful ones like me!. Every time I get a cut, they would take their time getting it perfect with much detail and precision, and when I get a Japanese Straight Perm, for as long as it takes, they really make it worth your time, so straight, silky and shiny! The new salon is very clean and twice as big! The best part is that you don't have to wait long, and that the price is very affordable.

Seven months and still straight. by Emily Alvarez, Bronx NY

I've come to Hair Pro Charming because my friend Christina had recommended me here for Japanese Hair Straightening. I got the Japanese Straightening perm seven months ago which had totally converted my life from 30 mins of brow drying my hair straight every morning, to just wash and go hair!, so I came back to get my roots done again. The salon owner Julie, and its staff are not fluent in english but they are very friendly and experts in what they do! Just check out their before & after photos and decide yourself.

Dreams do come true! by Elena Beatriz, Corona NY

I am a true believer of miracles now that I got my Japanese Straight perm here. I can't believe I went from thick curly hair to silky straight hair over night..! Thank you so much for the brand new person that you've made me into!!! I am getting compliments from everyone in my family, my coworkers, and especially my husband who just can't take his hands off my hair! I definitely recommend Hair Pro Charming to all the gals who want amazingly beautiful straight hair that's here to stay!!!

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